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 Further Clarification from Sarah Robinson

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Further Clarification from Sarah Robinson Empty
PostSubject: Further Clarification from Sarah Robinson   Further Clarification from Sarah Robinson EmptyFri Jun 11, 2010 2:54 pm

General Communication note: I have been and will continue to communicate with people via their McMaster email address. If people are wondering why they’re not getting any of my emails it’s because I’m using their mac account. This is all I have access to an is the ‘official’ way we can communicate with students.

Labs: it needs to be very clear to all students that you don’t get a ‘choice’ of you iSci lab section for 2A18 (or likely 1A24 for that matter). I will do my best to accommodate people’s requests. I’m more than happy for people to send me a layout of what they’d like their schedule to look like with iSci labs included. First and foremost I need to make sure that people who do have legitimate conflicts with the lab times are scheduled into the appropriate lab slot. All others will be scheduled based on making the labs balance re. numbers. It is IMPERATIVE that everyone send me their tentative schedules asap next week so that I can communicate with each of you to schedule your ISCI 2A18 labs.

Conflicts in your schedule with non-‘required’ concentration courses: If a course is listed as ‘required’ for a concentration, then ISCI will try as best we can to accommodate this and would allow you to enroll in the class as well as ISCI 2A18 (For example, CHEM 2LB3 which conflicts with 2 hours of ISCI 2A18 in term 2). If a course is on an ‘optional’ list or part of the concentrations larger course list, then we cannot guarantee scheduling. This is the case for a few concentrations where particular courses that students wish to take (but which are not ‘required’) do not fit with our ISCI 2A18 schedule. There is nothing we can do about this and students will have to take these courses in level three if they are still interested. If the course is a prerequisite for something else, students should talk to the instructor or program advisor for the concentration area to see what can be done.
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Further Clarification from Sarah Robinson
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