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 Registration Process Summarized!

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Prateek Gupta

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PostSubject: Registration Process Summarized!   Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:17 am

Hey iSci 2014!

First, if you haven't yet check out the Forum Basics: http://isci.forumotion.com/introduction-f20/
Next, make sure to introduce yourself so we can officially welcome you to the iSci community! http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/introduce-yourself-t113.htm (Please note green names indicate iSci 2013 students, and blue names indicate iSci 2014 students)

Awesome, so I'm sure you are very familiar with iSci, (if you are not check out the official website: http://www.science.mcmaster.ca/isci/ , and be sure to look at the FAQ there...
or check out some of the answered questions, or post some more general questions here: http://isci.forumotion.com/questions-concerns-f2/)

But still, you have a lot more to prepare for! Behind the scenes we are busy preparing Welcome Week (iScis will have the most fun!!), we are planning a mentorship program, working on merchandise for the new year, developing social events, building academic programs, and more... but don't worry about that, you'll find out information regarding all of these later on!

What you should be worrying about right now is Registration:

1) Planning

Check out the iSci timetable before anything to get a sense of how your day will pan out http://www.science.mcmaster.ca/isci/registered-students/course-timetable?start=1

Next try to plan out your electives, make sure you have back-ups: http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/elective-list-t138.htm

For the course-outlines, know the Code and check this out: http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/elective-course-outlines-t166.htm

2) Getting onto SOLAR (can be a hassle)

Now on the night of Saturday, June 26th you will have to sign up on SOLAR... you will do this through MUGSI: https://adweb.cis.mcmaster.ca/cis/ahtml/login.htm

At promptly midnight, SOLAR will open and here you will be able to actually sign up for your courses -- and complete your payment statement.

Please read Sarah's announcement http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/message-for-1st-years-from-sarah-robinson-administrator-t140.htm , if you sign up any later it will be at your own risk as courses may fill up fast!

3) Registration

You must first add the two 0-credit courses (which are safety courses that must be completed to allow lab work) http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/course-registration-info-t150.htm Don't worry, this is just a formality.

If you have done this correctly, the system will now let you sign up for ISCI 1A24 and your chosen electives. If for some reason you are not planning 30.0 credits, please contact Sarah Robinson and let her know your reasoning behind it.

4) Wait

Now that you're officially an enrolled McMaster student, enjoy your last summer of high school, brush up on some of your science if you want, talk to other first years and the upper years here on the forum, and get ready for res living (if you will be on res) and welcome week (which you all should attend!)

Though, if you are in the mood to do some review over the summer, check out http://isci.forumotion.com/isci-2014-f22/summer-review-t152.htm

Post any questions you have regarding requisite knowledge for first year in that topic.

I will post an update once the official iSci tune-ups are posted (these will be sufficient if you are missing one of the 12U sciences)

--Hope this clarifies the process if there was any confusion! Very Happy
---Any second year iScis, please inform me if I missed anything!

I have locked this topic for simplicity sake, please post any questions in the appropriate thread or in Questions/Concerns! Smile
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Registration Process Summarized!
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