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 Elective Course Outlines

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Prateek Gupta

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PostSubject: Elective Course Outlines   Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:19 pm

Hey, all the Course Outlines for First Year Courses (and upper year courses) have been compiled nicely here:


(These outlines are from last year, and thus subject to change, but they usually stay exactly the same.. if anything lecture order will be changed, usually mark breakdowns and content remain the same year to year).

Check it out to confirm if the electives are the ones you want... for example for the First Semester European History Course:


You'll see that 55% of your mark is split between 3 papers... but 15% is Tutorial Participation (easy as long as you show up and don't fall asleep)
Also, you'll find out that you have a textbook, but there's an online source as well for some of your readings.
And in the 9th week you'll learn about the "Science Revolution," (one week after the "Witchcraft Craze")

Information like this is given in all the course outlines, so be sure to check it out to help make sure you're making a good choice. Any questions on what certain things mean in the outlines can be posted here!

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Elective Course Outlines
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