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 Textbook Information!! (for 2nd years)

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Textbook Information!! (for 2nd years) Empty
PostSubject: Textbook Information!! (for 2nd years)   Textbook Information!! (for 2nd years) EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 5:54 pm

hey, for 2nd years, i checked out the tank today... just some observations for textbooks,

there are no used versions of the quantum mechanics book -- we're using a diff book than the typical physics course (which isn't really a textbook, but a 200pg softcover book smaller than on writing well). but it's expensive (around $60)... if any of you know of a cheaper way to get it, please let us know. (on amazon.ca it is a bit cheaper: http://www.amazon.ca/Quantum-Mechanics-Second-Paul-Davies/dp/0748744460/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282685867&sr=8-1). it seems like a huge ripoff for $60. If you venture onto the American Amazon (amazon.com) you can find some used copies for less than $30, though I'm always apprehensive to ship from the states.

also the neuroscience book, there are no used copies, but the lady who helped me was unsure if there were any coming. it is actually a package of "from neuron to brain" by nicholls et al, and a CD software called 'neurons in action'... at tank they only have the combos available. (I am unsure if we need the CD too, it would be useful if we ask Deda probably). --Even still if you buy both separately on amazon, it's about $30 cheaper.

There were a few used copies of the Visualizing Earth History textbook, which seemed like a good deal, some were in excellent condition. (About on par with amazon prices).

A lot of the books were still not there (the thermal physics and ecology books were not there yet).

My memory is hazy on the 3 biology/biochem textbooks... I remember the cell biology one being there with plenty of used copies, and I think there were only new versions of the biochem one.
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Textbook Information!! (for 2nd years)
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