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 The Forum Basics

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Prateek Gupta

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PostSubject: The Forum Basics   The Forum Basics EmptyWed Jan 27, 2010 9:28 pm

Welcome to the iSci Forum! Your source on everything iSci -- from the Student Perspective. This is the official website for the iSci Student Society, so feel free to post anything iSci related. This is primarily meant for academic help and society information for current students, and answering questions for incoming students, but the Forum will evolve as iSci grows.

Our main goals over the summer are to answer the questions of the incoming students (incoming students, please ask questions!), and to act as a mechanism to stay in touch with each other over the summer. If you have any questions that are specifically related to the forum, or if you have any thoughts of improvement to the forum, post these in the Communications topic of the forum!


Be respectful of others and their opinions.
No offensive or derogatory remarks. (These will be moderated and removed!)
For homework help, do not post direct solutions or links to solutions on the forum, instead advice and approaches are acceptable and encouraged.
No colluding or conspiring for polls (as the results of many of these polls will be used by iSci and the Society).

Otherwise, be active, ask questions, and have fun. This is our realm of communication, let's take advantage of it!


Most topics and discussions on the forum are not visible until you become a member. Further discussions are locked for certain cohorts (e.g. iSci 2013, iSci 2014, etc.). To be an active member of the forum, with visibility to most content, I would encourage you to become a member, and request joining the cohort that you are a part of, if you are an iSci student.

Anybody else interested in the program -- other than students and alumni -- is welcome and encouraged to register as well such as:
--Interested or Prospective Students of the iSci program (Of any age, feel free to find out more about our community)
--Other students of the McMaster community wishing to be involved in the iSci community for any reason (promotions, events, partnerships, etc.)
--Students of other interdisciplinary university programs looking to build connections
--Graduate students who can help build the iSci community

If you are a professor, educator, parent, potential sponsor, we encourage you to first visit http://www.science.mcmaster.ca/isci/, and check out the Contact tab. Alternatively, if your issue is related to students, please e-mail iscisociety@gmail.com. You are welcome to post messages as a Guest in one of the guest-visible topics, so long as you clearly state your name and your purpose. Otherwise membership on this forum is meant for the student community.


Sign up using your First Last, eg. Prateek Gupta. If you have privacy concerns, you are welcome to register with only your First Name, or First Name and Last Initial (eg. Prateek or Prateek G). You are completely welcome to start new topics, post anywhere, and use the Chatbox function
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The Forum Basics
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