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 Isci and Biopharm

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PostSubject: Isci and Biopharm   Isci and Biopharm EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 3:06 pm

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if I could meet the prerequisites of the Honours Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program if i went into iSci.
I'm just looking through the site at the moment, and Biopharm says that you can enroll after completion of a 2 year honor's biology program (or equivalent.) Does iSci count as an equivalent?
Also, does iSci's iConS count for the prerequisites required for Biopharm?
the prereq's are:

6 units BIOLOGY 2A03, 2C03

6 units CHEM 2OA3, 2OB3

6 units from BIOLOGY 2B03, 2D03, 2EE3, 2F03, CHEM 2N03, 2R03, CHEM BIO 2A03, 2P03

1 course SCIENCE 2C00*

Thanks a lot!
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PostSubject: Re: Isci and Biopharm   Isci and Biopharm EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 7:18 pm

Hey there!

To answer your question simply, yes.

You will have 0 problems for First year iSci, but when it comes to 2nd year iSci -- you will have the antirequisites for Bio 2B03 (Cell Bio) - as part of the Neuroscience Module, and Bio 2F03 (Ecology) - as part of the Plant-Animal Interactions Module.

This means, that you will need to be very focused in your elective space and take both semesters of organic chem (the chem courses), as well as physiology/genetics as your 4 electives, or can do as many students to - and take these courses over the summer, either before or after 2nd year.

With all of this being said, iSci is built best as a 4 year program, not a program to switch out of part way through (though many students do this). If you are not thinking about continuing with iSci for all four years straight, it may be best to look into taking another route for your first year. So, to be clear, you will not graduate with a degree in "Integrated Science," as you would be forced to switch out into the BioPharm program with this option.

Students with similar goals as you continuing in iSci (with all the benefits of the 'integrated science' discipline and teaching style) would pursue either the biology or biochemistry concentration, which would in effect give you a very similar education as that degree (you would be taking very similar courses), the drawback would only be that you could not do a Co-Op program in iSci.

I hope I helped, feel free to ask more questions!
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Isci and Biopharm
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