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 Ph.Ds anyone?

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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 10:40 pm

I've been hearing mixed things about pursuing a PhD, specifically in whether or not you need a master's degree first. so does anyone know for 100% whether or not you need one first (in both Canadian and American academic system, hopefully)?

not really on the topic of iSci, but just went to synthesis, saw that most people wanted to pursue grad school.

thanks a bunch!
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Sean Ridout

Sean Ridout

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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? EmptySun Apr 01, 2012 12:15 am

Depends on what you're applying for, as far as I know. I think people generally get masters first in many fields (the third years will probably have a better answer)...but it isn't undheard of to go from undergrad -> PhD (I can find a number of examples just by googling famous scientists, for example.) If you look on say, departments at UofT's websites (I did this once so I recall this) they tend to say that they solicit applications from well-qualified undergrads. I don't know whether this applies to Canada, but I also know that in the states people can be accepted to masters and then sort of shift to PhD if they do well on qualifying exams or whatever...I don't know that much. Yeah, hopefully a third year will respond.
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Adam Pantaleo

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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 7:04 am

I know that for grad school in Chemistry, you generally get accepted into a Master's program after your undergrad. Then, after your first year of study, you can do a process to move into the PhD stream if you want (and if your marks/research progress allow it). I think you can get accepted straight into the PhD stream from undergrad only if you're an "exceptional student" (whatever that means, haha).

I hope that helps!
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Charles Yin

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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? EmptyWed Apr 04, 2012 7:49 am

There's quite a few grad students I know that started out doing a Master's and then switched to a PhD. Sean is correct about the qualifying exams (I think they're called comprehensive exams at Mac).

I also know that a lot of programs do offer a direct PhD route, but they probably will look very closely at your research record.
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Prateek Gupta

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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:01 am

My general understanding is if you have an Honours B.Sc. in a field directly related to the doctorate you wish to pursue a direct to PhD program is possible. I know of quite a few people personally in Earth Sciences who have done so -- am considering this option myself as well.

What is much more common though is what Charles mentioned: starting off with a Masters and then transferring that project to a PhD program.

Don't view a Masters as simply a stepping stone to a PhD, for a huge variety of jobs and careers a Masters is all that is sufficient. Speaking from an Earth Science perspective, a Masters is seen as a prerequisite for many geology and environmental consulting jobs. A PhD just gives you that extra edge if you pursue a career path centered in research, or a path to professor-ship -- but in job qualifications, I rarely see much of an extra edge conferred to PhD -- usually pay ends up being about the same, but I have no figures right now to back this claim up.
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Ph.Ds anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ph.Ds anyone?   Ph.Ds anyone? Empty

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Ph.Ds anyone?
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