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 Big Sibs??

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Big Sibs?? Empty
PostSubject: Big Sibs??   Big Sibs?? EmptySat May 26, 2012 9:01 am

Woot! Just got accepted a couple weeks ago
But now I'm wondering about the Big Sibs thing that I've heard about during the symposium and May @ Mac day
What exactly is it?? And do I have to sign up for it??
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Daniella Pryke

Daniella Pryke

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Big Sibs?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Big Sibs??   Big Sibs?? EmptySat May 26, 2012 7:13 pm

David will be able to tell you about it a bit more since he's in charge, but Ill do my best.

Basically, David's going to send out an e-mail to all of you that accept some time over the summer (sorry about the ambiguity) asking you if you want a big sib. If yes, you'll be sent an application form, which will be used to match you with your Big Sib (wow, this sounds like a dating website :p). If for whatever reason you forget to send your form in, you can still be matched even in September, so don't stress out about it too much.

The Big Sib is a second year that's meant to be a sort of mentor, though really the relationship between Sibs varies widely with each pairing (or family, since it's possible some 2nd years will have more than one Little Sib). You also have grand-sibs and great-grand sibs in the Big Sibs of your Big Sibs (and of course in the Big Sibs of your Big Sibs of your Big Sibs!!!). The genealogy of our program is actually pretty complex since there have been numerous adoptions and whatnot, but it's mostly meant to be a sort of support system Smile.

I know a lot of us second years are super excited to be Big Sibs...

That being said, pretty much all the upper years are open to helping whenever they can.
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Big Sibs??
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