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 Welcome Week Reps

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Krista Stemmler

Krista Stemmler

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PostSubject: Welcome Week Reps   Welcome Week Reps EmptyThu Mar 11, 2010 7:12 pm

as you may have noticed already the iSci-Co Welcome Week rep applications have been sent out via email. If you have any questions or need clarification Jyssika and I can help you out. Here are the answers to some questions we already got (sorry about the bad paraphrasing):

Q: Why are there spaces for two addresses?
A: We are setting this up for future years when having two addresses will become a more pertinent issue because you may have your parents house as well as a house in Hamilton. For this year please put down your parents house as well as any other address you may be staying at. If you have no secondary address just write down your primary address. These are just necessary in case we need to get in contact with you.

Q: For question 4, how can I type in my ranking order?
A: If you are typing out the answer to question 4 please put the rankings for each topic in parenthesis at the end of the given points.

Q: Who is part of iCore?
A: In general, the people who have offices in Thode plus Pat. This includes Chad, Sarah S., Sarah R., Carolyn, Andrew, and Pat. (Correct me if this list is incomplete)

Q: I may have an issue getting access to a kitchen to make a home-baked good but I want to make one. What can I do?
A: We are flexible. If you can get the home-baked good to Jyssika and I either before or during your interview that should be fine. Please give us forewarning for when you will be bringing in the good so that we will be available. We have yet to choose dates for interviews but if anyone would prefer to bring their item in on a Monday for their interview please request the date so that we can schedule that in.

I hope that helps.

Krista Stemmler,
VP Social
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Jyssika Russell

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Week Reps   Welcome Week Reps EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 2:05 pm

Just a reminder to everyone that all Welcome Week reps (and in general, all those involved in First Year Orientation) need to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. It's not that hard, but just so everyone is aware Smile .

The long-winded, in-depth policy is available here: http://www.mcmaster.ca/univsec/policy/StudentCode.pdf

The short, fun, abridged version is available here:

Happy reading!
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Welcome Week Reps
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