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 Upcoming Events Outside of iSci Society

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Jyssika Russell

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Upcoming Events Outside of iSci Society Empty
PostSubject: Upcoming Events Outside of iSci Society   Upcoming Events Outside of iSci Society EmptyThu Jan 21, 2010 8:40 pm

Carolyn has sent the iSci society some emails about some interesting activities and events, and I thought a good way to lat you know about them would be to put them on the forum.

One such event is:
(from Carolyn)
The Arts and Science students are organizing/hosting the first National undergraduate conference on interdisciplinary education to be held at McMaster this weekend - http://www.combiningtwocultures.ca/. I am giving one of the keynote lectures on Saturday at 1.30 pm in Convocation Hall in which I will talk about the iSci program. The second keynote lecture (Sunday at 2.00) is being given by David Helfand, President of Quest University. Although the working sessions at the conference are restricted to registered participants (five of our iSci students are registered for this) I have been asked to give an open invitation to the iSci community to attend the guest lectures and panel discussion.

You can view the schedule for the other conference events at www.combiningtwocultures.ca and clicking on "Conference" and then "Schedule"

Jyssika: Even if you aren't a delegate, I am sure Carolyn's and Dr. Helfand's lectures will be very interesting, and it would be great to show some support for our director and our program!
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Upcoming Events Outside of iSci Society
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